Patch Immediately, Protect Indefinitely

Be proud of your lawn.

DuraGrass™ covers bare spots and promotes strong grass growth through the patent-pending hybrid turf design.


DuraGrass™ instantly patches worn spots in your lawn.


Holds heat and moisture to help seeds germinate.


Turf protects critical part of the grass from wear + allows it to regrow, year after year.


We get it! We all have a couple areas in our yard that we just can’t seem to fix. Maybe the dog is running a path along the fence, or the kids seem to cut the corner of the sidewalk, or maybe there is just an area that you simply don’t know why it looks ugly year after year. DuraGrass not only covers the bare area, but it also protects the seedling so it has a fighting chance to make it, and then regrow again next year.

DuraGrass is a hybrid turf that combines artificial turf with your real, natural grass. The patent-pending design allows grass to grow up through it, while the fake grass blades take on the role of protector – shielding your real grass from being worn down to the ground.


Every year you throw money at that ugly problem area in your yard. You buy more and more grass seed and you try to cover it with straw, and mark it off so your kids and dog don’t ruin it before the grass grows through. 

With DuraGrass the hybrid turf does the work for you, protecting the seedling so it can grow and regrow. Let this be the last year you fix your yard.

Grass Growing Through DuraGrass


DuraGrass hybrid turf is a perforated artificial turf – but an artificial turf like no other. Ours works with the ground and with nature. The design permits natural grass to grow through, but just as importantly, the dimension of the turf blades act as a shield so the real grass does not wear down to a level where it cannot regenerate.

You then leave DuraGrass on the ground so it can keep working for you season after season, year after year. The height of the artificial turf is short enough that you can use a lawn mower over it to cut the real grass that has grown through without damaging the DuraGrass.

If you have used straw in the past, and that same patch of yard is still ugly, give DuraGrass a chance to protect the ground and the grass, and stop trying to fix the same spot year after year!


Pre-Seeded DuraGrass makes fixing those problem areas in your lawn even easier.

Combine the instantly green grasslike patch of DuraGrass with an attached seed blanket and you have everything you need to fix your lawn in one-step. All you have to do after installation is keep the area wet.

And once grass begins to grow through, you maintain the area just like the rest of your lawn. 

Yep, you can mow directly over DuraGrass.

Install DuraGrass anywhere grass needs help

Along Sidewalks

Under Swingsets

Under Waste Bins

Along Fence Lines

Makes any problem areas look great, easily!


The all-in-one bare spot solution. Simply attach Pre-Seeded DuraGrass to your lawn and let nature do its thing.

See how easy Pre-seeded DuraGrass is to install

The All-in-one lawn fix

How it works:

Just about every yard has at least one bare spot where grass has trouble growing, be it a result of foot traffic, wheeled lawn equipment, or any number of causes. DuraGrass is an innovative artificial turf that works with your natural yard to cover bare spots and promote natural grass growth for years to come.

DuraGrass has a simulated turf texture and pleasing green color to immediately fix that unsightly bare spot, even before natural grass growth.

Pre-seeded DuraGrass comes equipped with a layer of grass seeds to provide a one-step solution to growing new grass. The simulated turf component of Pre-seeded DuraGrass helps seed blanket and soil retain moisture and warmth to promote healthy grass growth. An added benefit of the design is that the turf structure keeps the seed blanket in contact with the soil.

DuraGrass uses simulated turf blades to protect the most sensitive section of the grass stem and seedlings from forces above. DuraGrass remains in place, protecting grass for years to come. As grass grows through, DuraGrass will virtually disappear, but the height of the simulated grass blades permanently protects seedlings and natural grass from wear and tear so that grass can continue to regenerate.

Oftentimes, grass refuses to grow because the fragile seedlings don’t have a chance to establish before foot and wheeled traffic kills them. You can throw all the grass seed you want, but if the seedlings aren’t given a chance to establish, that bare spot is here to stay. That’s where Duragrass comes in. 

DuraGrass is easy to maintain. Once grass does grow through the hybrid turf, you can use a standard lawn mower to cut the grass. Since DuraGrass is less than 1″ tall it will easily clear the mower blades allowing you to cut the natural grass without damaging DuraGrass.