take control of your lawn

You’re a busy person. You’ve been wasting time every year trying to fix that problem area in your yard. Pre-Seeded DuraGrass™ provides you with a one-step solution that will patch that bare spot and a seed blanket is built in to jump-start grass growth.

Take control of that nagging bare spot. You deserve a beautiful lawn.

Just water after installing and in a few weeks you should have grass growing where you never could get it to grow before.

The hybrid turf allows grass to grow directly through it, and the patent-pending design then protects the grass so it will not be worn down to the ground again. And for those few areas where grass just can’t grow, you have a green, grass like artificial turf to cover the persistent mud spot.

Problem solved…in one step!


DuraGrass Pre-Seeded comes in two patch sizes to eliminate that problem bare spot once and for all. All of our products include biodegradable anchors to secure the turf to your lawn.

The seed blanket comes with Grotrax Year Round Green Mixture. This seed mix is designed to prosper in most U.S. climates. Just keep wet until grass reaches 3″ tall and then mow as you normally would. Leave the DuraGrass in place and it will continue to protect your new grass from being worn down too low.

Small Patch

$ 14
  • 18" x 24" nominal
  • Covers 3 sq ft
  • 6 Anchors Inc.
  • Seed Blanket Attached

Lawn Patch

$ 39
  • 36" x 48" nominal
  • Covers 12 sq ft
  • 12 Anchors Inc.
  • Seed Blanket Attached



DuraGrass can also be found online through Lowes.com

Install PRE-SEEDED DuraGrass where grass needs help

Along Sidewalks

Under Swingsets

Under Waste Bins

Along Fence Lines

See how easy Pre-Seeded DuraGrass is to install

Simple Instructions

Prep and level the ground

Place DuraGrass over area and anchor to ground

Keep ground wet to help grass grow

Mow as normal


How it works:

Only DuraGrass patches instantly, boosts the growth of real grass and then protects that new grass for years. But how?

DuraGrass is an artificial turf with realistic-looking grass blades, but our patent-pending design is what makes us totally different, and works with real grass in your yard.

Our design is perforated to allow grass to grow up through it. After a few short weeks, you’ll  have real grass and fake turf working together. After one full growing season, you may not even see the faux grass anymore, as the real grass grows through fully.

But the artificial turf is still working for you. It now serves as a protective barrier to keep your new grass from being worn down to the ground. If foot traffic wears down the grass, it will only wear it down to the fake grass level – allowing the real grass to regrow again.