What to expect to grow through DuraGrass


Lush Grass? DuraGrass Disappears.​

DuraGrass can do the job so well, that you won’t even see it. Lush grass can grow through the turf to the point where you don’t even notice the Natura turf, but keep it there; it’s working to protect the grass now.

Also Protects Without Grass

In some situations, foot, wheel and paw traffic just keep wearing the natural grass down to the DuraGrass. In this example, the gate is used often. In areas where grass does not grow above the artificial turf height, DuraGrass still protects the ground and covers muddy areas.

...or somewhere in between

Patchy Grass Growth​

Depending on many variables, you may see grass grow through in patches. In this example, after six weeks, grass is only growing through in spots—continue to over-seed and water to fill it in.

Dormant Grass Climates

In much of the country, grass goes dormant over the winter. As grass goes from green to yellow or brown, you will see DuraGrass peek through in some areas. The hybrid turf continues to work for your lawn all winter by protecting the now-dormant grass from being worn down to the ground level. Allowing it to regrow easily come spring.

How Much Grass Can I Expect With DURAGRASS?

The thickness and amount of grass that will grow through DuraGrass is dependent upon multiple factors. Regardless of how much grass grows through or when it grows through, you’ll have the grass-like blades of DuraGrass to give your yard a green look from edge to edge. Here are some variables you can factor in, and even control in some cases, to get the thickness of grass you desire.

  • Time of year – most grasses are dormant during the winter months, meaning they they do not grow. Grass typically starts growing again once the soil temp is warmer than 50˚F.
  • Did you seed? – seeding before installing DuraGrass will help grass grow through the hybrid turf when the conditions permit. You can also seed over (through) DuraGrass. Look to your seed brand for over-seeding recommendations.
  • Type of seed – tall fescues are a clumping turf grass and may grow in patches. Other seed varietals like rye and bluegrass are more often “turf-forming”. Talk to your landscaper or a lawn expert for recommendations in your climate.
  • Amount of traffic – the more people and pets play on it, the more new grass will get sheared off at the hybrid turf height. While grass is likely growing through DuraGrass, the traffic is wearing the natural grass off at the fake grass height.
  • Natural ingredients – along with grass seed, the seed also needs light, warmth and water to germinate. If any of those are limited, it will impact how much real grass will grow. So be mindful of the amount of sunlight, and water it when needed.
  • Bare spots – there are simply some areas with poor soil or unfavorable conditions. This might be from soil compaction, lack of nutrients or other factors. Some areas simply will not grow anything.
  • Dog urine – in those areas that are “heavy targets” for your dogs to relieve themselves, we would not expect much grass due to the urine. 
  • Weeds – anything that grows in your yard can and will grow through DuraGrass.

The Value of DURAGRASS

DuraGrass allows you to be able to grow grass, which can lead to a beautiful lawn. DuraGrass is also “working” when it is simply covering a bare spot – so your lawn looks green from edge to edge. DuraGrass protects the grass that does grow through it. In essence, it does not allow the grass to be worn down to the ground, so that grass can recover again and again.  Put simply, Duragrass patches bare areas, helps boost new grass growth when the conditions are right and then protects that new growth.


DuraGrass™ instantly patches worn spots in your lawn.


Holds heat and moisture to help seeds germinate.


Turf protects critical part of the grass from wear + allows it to regrow, year after year.

How To Get The Best Results

Whether you are interested in Pre-Seeded DuraGrass or DuraGrass without an integrated seed blanket, we have you covered in terms of installation instructions. Click on the appropriate button below to see how easy it is to install DuraGrass.